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Our History

Ege University Institute of Social Sciences was established in 1982 by “Decree on the Organization of Higher Education Institutions”, with the purposes of training experts and scientists, and also conducting scientific researches. 

In its first year (1982 - 1983 semester), some graduate programs were introduced under the major sciences of Press and Broadcasting College (currently named Faculty of Communication). In following years, other vocational schools (such as Faculty of Fashion and Design), institutes (such as Institute of Turkish World Studies) and faculties (such as Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences) introduced several master and PhD programs.

With its 40 years of knowledge and expertise, our institute has given 990 PhD diplomas, 2300 master with thesis diplomas, 2989 non-thesis master diplomas and 422 non-thesis distance learning master diplomas (as of 25.10.2021).


Ege Üniversitesi