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General Information

Ege University Institute of Social Sciences coordinates 167 graduate programs under 33 major sciences -including 61 PhD, 76 MSc, 25 non-thesis master and 5 distant non-thesis master programs. Two of the major sciences are interdisciplinary fields as Gender Studies master program and Industrial Design master program.

As of 25.10.2021, there are 2671 students of which 976 PhD, 1196 MSc, 499 non-thesis master students. Also, there are 701 lectures given by 271 lecturers.

Moreover, Ege University Institute of Social Sciences has 56 research assistants who continue their educations. 

Main organs of the Institute are Director of Institute, Board of Institute and Management Board of Institute. Furthermore, Senior Management Board of Institute is composed of Director of Institute and two Deputy Managers. All administrative units are subject to the Secretary of Institute.


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